An applied research center from a top French engineering school

The Center of Excellence in Enterprise Architecture is an applied research center from CentraleSupelec, sponsored by leading international firms and delivering best practices through white papers and executive training in Enterprise Architecture.

Objectives and guiding principles

Make it simple

Most companies are facing accelerated competition in a globalized context. In this hostile environment, IT is a tremendous opportunity to gain a competitive advantage. Alas, the complexity of IT applications has often grown to an extent where IT is more a constraint to business agility rather than an enabler.

Reducing complexity in information systems is a major challenge for business and IT partners. This requires the ability to speak the same language and identify the fundamentals of the company : business basics, business and organization processes, and the related IT data and services. All this can be shared and reused and forms the heart of the architecture. Having a common architecture accross the enterprise is key to reducing complexity and restoring business agility.

With a myriad of expert groups trying to standardize a part of the equation (from enterprise architecture to SOA, BPM, MDA, ...), it is increasingly difficult to get a complete and simple picture of this topic. Our objective is not to create a new expert group which will add new concepts, rules, and advice. Based on the experience of business and IT professionals and architecture experts, the ambition of the CEISAR is to take advantage of all the good ideas which have been already delivered by existing groups, and make them accessible through standardisation of language, and formalisation of best practices.

What does the CEISAR deliver ?

The CEISAR delivers white papers and executive training on best practices in enterprise and IS architecture based on real life examples from our sponsors and partners.

We believe in :

  • simple terms, to develop the essence of the subject and avoid unnecessary complexity for the business leader
  • a common glossary of terms, for all key stakeholders to speak the same language and understand each other
  • fact based publications and training, to build on current best practices as they occur in international corporations today

Our publications are fully public and available on the web. We hope to link with any institution willing to formalize and develop best practices in enterprise architecture.

You can contact us at : contact (at)